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Tema Energy’s DNA and core expertise to design and build Intelligent Infrastructures for the Digital World

Data Centers are at the heart of the digital transformation of both the economy and society. Modern activities across diverse industries like mobile communication, e-commerce, television, medicine, transport, and education rely on the data processing capabilities provided by various types of data centers.

It is part of Tema Energy’s DNA and core expertise to design and build Intelligent Infrastructures for the Digital World: highly resilient dedicated buildings enabling ultra-high-performance technological infrastructures, ensuring optimal conditions for the round-the-clock operation of IT equipment and applications.

The core Mission of Tema Energy is to ensure the foundation of the Digital World by leading the design and turnkey construction of efficient, high-performance, resilient and sustainable Data Centers.

Our company designs, builds, installs and maintains data centers of all types and capacities, ranging from small-size (server rooms, data rooms, telco rooms, edge) to large-scale Next Generation facilities for AI, Supercomputers and hyperscale data centers of up to several hundred MW.

20 years in the Data Center industry

With over 20 years in the Data Center industry, the Tema Energy team boasts extensive expertise and numerous international and local accreditations: Uptime Institute, BICSI, EN 50600, ANRE, AGFR, ISU, IGPR and others.

This strong expertise allowed Tema Energy to obtaining the first Uptime Institute TIER III Design data center certification in Romania, and the first Tier III Facility certification in the region.

In response to recent technological advancements in cognitive computing, predictive AI, and robotics, Tema Energy has transitioned to the next generation data centres – Supercomputers or artificial intelligence. These facilities, capable of performing tens or hundreds of MW, support and power “very high density” IT architecturesof up to 120 kW per rack, and incorporate innovative, super-efficient cooling technologies (direct-on-chip, back-door-cooling and immersion cooling).

Steps to Implement a Turnkey Data Center:


Project Management

Delivery & installation of equipment

Preventive and corrective maintenance

2D & 3D Design

Electrical, mechanical, low current, security installation

Start-up, Training

Facility Management

A data centre Infrastructure comprises the following interconnected systems:

“ClusterPower brings together a number of technological breakthroughs: it is the largest regional center of excellence in artificial intelligence and the first data center in the region directly connected to high power energy (up to 200 MW). The success of this project owes much to the professional management of every step by the Tema Energy team, from design and execution to the design and facility certifications”.

Cosmin Georgescu

CEO ClusterPower

“We are pleased to certify the successful collaboration with Tema Energy on the M.A.I. Services HUB project. Tema Energy was responsible for designing, delivering and installing the turnkey data center infrastructure. This project has become a cornerstone of digitalization efforts at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a critical component of the electronic services we provide to citizens. It resulted in a data center built to the highest standards, comparable to top-tier private sector data centers”.

Razvan Jiga, M.A.I.

IT Manager