The American Company Vertiv (former Emerson Network Power) and Tema Energy are consolidating their partnership for Data Center Solutions in Romania.

Liebert Corporation, industry’s first manufacturer of computer room air conditioning (CRAC), was founded in 1965. 22 years later it has been acquired by Emerson, becoming a pioneer in thermal management and power protection for IT systems. In the year 2006, Emerson acquires the German manufacturer of Racks and PDUs called Knurr In 2016, Vertiv launches as a stand-alone business, building on the success of Emerson, while also committing to support the mission of designing, building and servicing mission-critical technologies that drive possibility for their customers.

Vertiv is a worldwide leader in the production of equipment and solutions dedicated towards Data Centers, as well as custom solutions for modular and mobile Data Centers.

Tema Energy is a leader in Romania in the design and turnkey construction of Data Centers and Mobile Data Centers. The company is also an established provider for critical, railway, telecom, electrical systems, mechanical and security infrastructures.

In 16 years of experience, Tema Energy has provided, installed and serviced dozens of systems produced by Vertiv. In our portfolio of Vertiv projects we mention in-row or cabinet type air-conditioning, classic or modular UPS, Racks, PDUs and Containment systems. By the consolidation of the partnership with Vertiv, Tema Energy aims further accelerated development in the turnkey Data Center market in Romania and maintaining the leader status in this domain by promoting the integrated solutions produced by Vertiv.

“The partnership with Vertiv is strategic for the development objectives of Tema Energy. In the same time, the service area is particularly important for us, our clients appreciating the capability of Tema Energy by providing end-to-end services, from consulting and design all the way to preventive maintenance, dispatch and emergency interventions”, Mihai Manole has declared, CEO of the company.