The Financial Newspaper article - Tema Energy, about the Data Center market

Articol-Ziarul-FInanciarThe data center technology provider Tema Energy, whose customers include companies such as Vodafone, UTI, Bancpost or the Ministry of Justice estimates that it will register a 60% business increase this year (2014), given that in Romania there aren’t sufficient data centers to absorb the IT and telecom sectors’ development. “The density of data-centers in Romania is much below the average of countries in the region, such as Hungary or Poland. The accelerated development of the IT, telecom and call center sectors involves the need for ever greater data processing and storage spaces, which involves the development of high-density, but also very energy-efficient data centers”, Mihai Manole, Tema Energy General Manager, stated for ZF.

The products supplied by the company, technology for data centers, batteries and UPSs, are imported from Italy, Turkey and China. “This year is shaping up to be a good year for us and for our area of activity. Given the power back-up systems projects (backup systems in case of power failure- ed. n.), but also the data-center ones, signed at the end of 2013 and at the beginning of this year, we estimate that we will register a significant business increase this year”, Mihai Manole, Company General Manager, stated for ZF.

In the local market, Tema Energy competes with local players such as QBS, Romsys or Abacus, but also with international players such as the Germans from H&N or the Czechs from Altron.

“Among others, there are several high-capacity data-center projects who received funding last year and which will be implemented this year in cities such as Bucharest or Cluj,” Manole went on to state

From the beginning of the year, the company has signed contracts with clients such as Vodafone, Bancpost,UPC, Monsson or Omnilogic. Tema Energy also obtained an order with a total value of 150,000 euros from UTI Group, controlled by businessman Tiberiu Urdareanu, concerning generators for Skanska, the Promenade Mall in Constanta, the Water Park leisure park in Craiova and other locations. The company has also been subcontracted to provide data centers to the Ministry of Justice.

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