Tema Energy – data center solutions provider to reach 6 million Euro turnover

FullSizeRenderTema Energy, the Romanian data center solutions provider, estimates to reach 5,5 mil-6 mil this year, 30% higher, compared to last year’s 4,15 mil Euro

“This year turnover is estimated to reach 5,5-6 million Euro. We have big projects going on right now that will be billed in autumn. We have already signed 4 mil euro contracts”, confirmed Mihai Manole, General Director, Tema Energy

The main business segment in terms of revenue is that of solutions integration, and this year strongly increased the interest in data center solutions, added Mihai Manole

“Two areas grew a lot this year: the data center and mobile data centers, there is a great interest for mobile data center containers. The demand comes from the EU funds projects because there will be new opportunities for data centers projects this autumn, financing will be between 30 and 100%. The number of projects financed from private resources didn’t increase this year.

The data center market is now estimated at 10-15 mil euro per year and it’s still growing, Tema Energy estimates.

The company also grew on the fire detection extinguishing systems segment, after the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations has become strict in issuing permits and checking the sites, Manole added .

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