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Modern organizations face increasing challenges in communications, such as:

Efficient structured cabling solutions address these challenges by connecting all IT systems (servers, storage, networking) and enabling them to operate and communicate at full capacity, both among themselves and to users.

Together with our partner UNILINE TCS, specialized in networking and communications, we provide comprehensive structured cabling services to our customers, setting up high-class and robust connections between users, servers and switches, alongside installing both fibre and copper cabling.

We also handle ongoing maintenance and service. Our services extend beyond installation and include meticulous project management, ensuring each implementation is completed on time, meets all standards and is free from technological gaps.

We offer complete structured cabling services for:

We manage every detail necessary for the effective administration of voice and data cables across various environments. Our structured cabling solutions are designed to serve a wide range of settings for:

Live dedicated Inventory and Asset Management solutions

Additionally, our dedicated Inventory and Live Asset Management systems, installed by our specialists, bring several key benefits:

We offer complete Networking Management solutions that provide a centralized, automated view of the entire IT environment in real time. This perspective is crucial for IT departments to effectively monitor and maintain the quality of services provided to the beneficiaries/ end users.

“Tema Energy and Uniline have showcased exemplary professionalism and expertise in implementing complete networking and communications solutions for the data centers, production facilities and office spaces at Mercedes Benz’s Star Assembly Sebes and Star Transmission Cugir”

Cristian Truta – STA, Mercedes Benz Sebes

IT Solutions Architect