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Software management solution

Tema Energy demonstrates excellence not only in integrating physical and smart infrastructures, covering Electrical, Mechanical and Security systems, but also in developing Infrastructure Management Software Solutions. 

Since 2017, leveraging an extensive experience in integrating Data Center ecosystems as well as in transportation and continuous power supply applications, Tema Energy has developed from scratch bespoke software solutions for real-time monitoring of critical and specialized infrastructures across industries such as Transportation, Power Plants and Data Centers.

Mission-Critical infrastructure monitoring solutions developed and implemented by Tema Energy:


Software suite of monitoring applications dedicated to railway infrastructures: systems/equipment Integration, electrical supply, auxiliary equipment and installation, maintenance. Tema Energy provides bespoke software solutions for integration and visualization of complex electrical supply and auxiliary systems supporting rail traffic, which have been implemented by international integrators like Alstom, Thales, Siemens and Nokia.


Data center infrastructure management system designed for data centers of all types and sizes, anywhere in the world.


Integration and monitoring solutions for administrative, production and office buildings.

We can create 100% customized solutions for any customer and any application, from office spaces to industrial spaces or warehouses.


Special monitoring solutions for critical infrastructures in transports and industry.