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Our company has always aimed to offer customers a “one stop shop” experience: a professional and complete approach for all systems and solutions within the Tema portfolio. This is why we offer all services necessary for the proper functioning and long-term performance of the equipment and installation, under warranty and beyond that:

Tema Energy has a dedicated team of service specialists, technicians and intervention teams, available 24/7.

The company provides maintenance, emergency interventions and repair services, performed by its own personnel accredited by international manufacturers and certified by local authorities: ANRE, AGFR, IGSU, IGPR, etc.


Our Service and Maintenance teams comprise:


Through its own dispatcher, Tema is in permanent contact with customers, who can request an emergency technical intervention at any time, based on the service contract. The SLAs provided by the Tema teams can be from one hour to 24 hours, depending on the contract, location and especially the level of criticality.


Our company has accrued over 15 years of experience in the supervision, management and uninterrupted maintenance of Data Centers, MSC, SAC and other types of critical infrastructure, serving major companies in industries like Telecom, Automotive, and Banking.

“All UPS swap operations were performed seamlessly, ensuring no interruptions at Telekom Romania's primary data center. We confidently recommend Tema Energy as a reliable partner!”

Marius Atudorei - Telekom

Energy Manager