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Data Center, Bucharest

State-of-the-art Data Center and IT Lab featuring Oracle’s latest computing and cloud solutions, serving the entire region. Total power ~1,3 MW. The installed infrastructure solutions include chilled water cooling, a modular UPS with Li-Ion batteries, bus-bar electrical distribution, fire detection and suppression system, DCIM and active flow hot aisle.

Ministry of Internal Affairs - Data Center, Bucharest

Project: M.A.I. Services HUB Total power 1,5 MW, Tier III ready design and construction, Turnkey infrastructure design & build: Modular UPS, chilled-water cooling, DCC-rated diesel generators, US and Japan certified anti-seismic structure, fire protection, structured cabling, bus-bar electrical distribution and complete building installation. GC: NESS Proiect Europe, Partner: Dataware Consulting


Data Center Craiova

Project: Campus I, Mischii. Total campus power: scalable up to 200 MW Turnkey design & build infrastructure, including bus-bar power supply, dual-fluid air conditioning, power backup, fire protection, structured cabling, hydraulic distribution, physical security, certified anti-seismic units, and DCIM DCPRO solution. Tier III Design and Facility certification (first in the Region).


Data Center Cluj-Napoca

Project: Telekom/Orange DC Cluj Napoca-West Data center with a total capacity of 1.2 MW and 320 racks, housed in a fully refurbished building with a two-floor data space and a technical floor. Tema ensured the complete infrastructure setup: power supply, backup power, professional cooling, fire detection and suppression, physical security and mechanical installation. Tier III Design Uptime Institute Certification.


Power supply system Sebes

Modular 19 MVA PSS system installed across five automotive production halls, consisting of UPS units of 500 kW, with electrical distribution and connection to transformer substations, as well as a 2 MW containerized PSS system comprising a generator, UPS, batteries, air conditioning, containers and integration with the electrical substation.


Power supply system Sibiu

14 MVA modular power supply system, turnkey design and build infrastructure: diesel generators ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 kVA, UPS with batteries, power supply and distribution, integration with transformer substations, cooling and custom-made containers.

ROMGAZ - Black Start & Electrical supply solutions, Iernut

630 MVA Thermal Power Plant: turnkey design and execution of a 16.5 MW Emergency & Black Start system, including diesel generators, frequency converter, AC&DC power supply system, a UPS with 4 x 1600 Ah batteries, as well as electrical, automation and auxiliary installation. GC: Duro Felguera


Total power ~1 MW Tier III ready design and construction, Turnkey infrastructure: Modular UPS, chiller cooling, DCC diesel generators, structured cabling with live monitoring system, electrical distribution, hydraulics, fire protection, DCIM DCPRO.


Sisteme Railway

Turnkey infrastructure systems for CFR signalling installation and GSM-R communications, covering power supply, air conditioning, fire protection and physical security. 5 rail segments implemented.


Data Center, telco

3 data centers turnkey designed and equipped, featuring electrical and power backup installation, high precision air-conditioning, fiber & copper cabling, fire safety systems, access control and DCIM.


Data Center, Building MEP solutions

Project: OCC Simeria, CFR Turnkey physical and intelligent infrastructure of a CFR operations and control center in Simeria: Turnkey data center and complete MEP installation and equipment (chillers, hydraulic system, main and backup power supply, fire protection, BMS, automation).


Data Centere Bucharest, Constanta

Project “Life Events”, GC: Vodafone 2 Data Rooms in Bucharest and Constanta – turnkey design and build, including cooling, power supply, backup power, networking system, fire systems, security and civil infrastructure.

THALES Romania

Rail Systems

Design and execution of more than 30 turnkey GSM-R systems for Electronic Centralization within 10 CFR locations, composed of power supply (generators, batteries), close-control cooling, fire protection and access control. Implemented projects: Railway line rehabilitation Border – Curtici, 2A – 2B, Fetesti – Ciulnita.


Containerized Data Center

Mobile Data Center for the Romanian Police, located within a custom-made container with 13 IT racks, equipped with complete cooling and power supply solutions, total power 120 kW, end-to-end structured cabling (fiber runner, fiber and copper cabling), fire protection, access control, CCTV and intrusion prevention system. Partner: Arctic Stream.

CONTINENTAL AUTOMOTIVE Mobile Data CenterTimisoara

Modular prefab data center consisting of 24 IT racks with a total power of 400 kW, modular UPS with batteries, high precision climate control, generator set with a 48h fuel reserve, fire security and physical security systems. Complete design and execution.


Container-type Data Center with 7 IT racks capacity, electrical power 120 kW, turnkey electrical, mechanical and physical security infrastructure, 3 kW photovoltaic panels installed on the roof, electrical connections and modifications in the transformer station.


HPC Data Center

High-Performance Computing Data Center turnkey design and execution, including electrical installation, backup power supply, professional cooling, fire protection, physical security, networking and DCIM, as well as all-inclusive operations/ management and maintenance services.


Monitoring and Control Software Solution

Integration and monitoring system for VSS and IDSS signalling infrastructure, integrated with CFR third-party command and control systems. Sections implemented: Border - Curtici, Deva - Ilia, Gurasada - Simeria, Simeria - Sighisoara, Sighisoara - Brasov.


Data Center

SIIEASC Project – Civil Registry 2 Data Centers designed to meet Tier III standards, each equipped with 10 + 12 IT racks. The turnkey execution included dual power supply, diesel backup, 2N close control cooling system, fire detection and suppression system, DCIM solution, break-in prevention and surveillance, civil works, structured cabling and MV transformer station replacement.

GTS Telecom

Data Centers

2 Data centers in Bucharest and a third one in Cluj. The projects involved designing and installing electrical power supply, professional air conditioning, power backup, civil works and transformer station replacement, as well as upgrades over the time. Zero seconds interruption since the first DC was delivered, in 2006.


Networking, Telephony, Security

Turnkey installation and equipment for structured cabling systems (fiber, copper), internal telephony, video surveillance and secure access. GC: Duro Felguera.

Vodafone (UPC)

Modular Data Center

40 kW modular data center in Alba Iulia, made up of expandable joined containers, with an initial capacity of 10 racks. The system includes PCM “phase change material” cooling technology, an additional air conditioning system, a backup power supply, fire and intrusion protection and photovoltaic panels.


Networking/ Structured Cabling

Networking and communications infrastructure for the production and office buildings in Sebes and Cugir: 200+ km copper cables, 50+ km fiber optic, 10,000+ patch cords, 7,000+ ports, 3 turnkey production halls, delivery & maintenance of IT and communications systems.


Diesel Back-up System

6 MVA power backup system consisting of two 3,000 KVA diesel generators in custom-made containers, designed to ensure the back-up of the critical infrastructure of the institute. GC: Strabag, Beneficiary: IFIN-HH Institute, Magurele

M247 DC

Data Center Systems

Supply and installation of UPS and batteries systems, diesel generators, inert gas fire suppression systems.


Mobile Data Center

Turnkey designed and equipped mobile data center for the General Inspectorate for Immigration, including electrical, mechanical and security infrastructure, DCPRO DCIM system, structured cabling solution, as well as IT computing, storage and networking solutions. Capacity: 13 racks; Power: 120 kW.


Battery storage (BESS)

Monitored battery storage systems for Fundeni, Bacau, Turnu Magurele, Isaccea, National Energy Dispatch.

ORANGE (Telekom)

Fire Detection & Suppression system

Complete inert gas-based fire detection and suppression system for the “Palatul Telefoanelor” iconic building: 16 data rooms, data centers and technical rooms.

Ministry of Defence

Data Center

Project: MApN's Geospatial Information Agency Mobile Data Center - design and execution - comprising 2 dedicated containers - IT and Power Supply. 10 IT racks, total power 110 kW, continuous and backup electrical supply, professional chillers cooling, fire protection, physical security and a DCPRO DCIM solution.


Data center + fitout

End-to-end data room designed and delivered by Tema: electrical installation, air conditioning, fire protection, physical security, civil works, MEP office fit-out, networking, videowall, security, furniture.


Data room

End-to-end data room designed and delivered by Tema: electrical installation, air conditioning, fire protection, physical security, civil works, MEP office fit-out, networking, videowall, security, furniture.


Mobile Data Center

Project: EDULIB 2 container-based data centers, each with 4 IT racks, designed and fully equipped with power supply, professional chillers, fire protection, surveillance and intrusion prevention systems, networking (fiber, copper) and civil works.

IBM Petrom City

Sisteme data center / refurbish

Delivery and installation of VRLA batteries, fire suppression equipment, UPS capital repairs.


Data Center upgrade / refurbish

Upgrade of the data center through a “Live Swap” replacement of professional cooling system, structured cabling (fiber, copper), raised flow and containment system.


Power & Cooling Maintenance Services

Maintenance, interventions and repairing of electrical equipment (UPS, generators, electrical panels) and cooling systems (chillers, cabinets, installation) for Orange Data Centers in Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov. 24/7 dispatcher and emergency response.


Networking, BMS

Design and implementation of voice-data communication network (fiber, copper, sockets), video wall for administrative building. Turnkey BMS system with the integration of all electro-mechanical systems of the building: electrical installations, HVAC, fire detection and others.


Facility management & mentenanta

Multi-technical maintenance and facility management for data centers, data networks and power supply systems at the Sebes and Cugir production hub.


Data Center, cable networking

Project: OCC Simeria, CFR Command and control center of CFR in Simeria: complete MEP installations and equipment (chillers, hydraulic system, main and backup power supply, fire detection and extinguishing, BMS, automation), turnkey data center.