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Railway (rail, subway) electrical supply and auxiliary solutions and installation

Comprehensive power and auxiliary solutions sheltered in containers or specialized buildings, to ensure the continuous power supply and optimal operation of vital consumers of rail transport and communication services. Similar to data centres, these electrical supply systems require an optimal micro-climate to operate: air cooling equipment, fire prevention and suppression solutions, secure access, video surveillance, etc.

Renewable Energies: Photovoltaic Parks

Tema Energy is experienced in designing and developing medium to large photovoltaic parks for strategic customers.

We serve a diverse range of customers, from automotive manufacturers consuming tens of MWh, to mobile data centers with installed capacities of several tens or hundreds of kW, seeking to maximize their energy autonomy. Our solutions also cater to a broad spectrum of green energy production needs.

Notable clients in this sector: Continental Automotive, Orange, Mercedes Benz STC Cugir, Military Technical Academy.

Physical Security Systems: Access control, CCTV, Intrusion detection systems

As an experienced systems integrator, Tema Energy has successfully implemented a wide range of secure access systems, video surveillance and intrusion detection systems.