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Data Centerele Mobile (MDC)

Mobile data centers – also known as prefabricated, containerized, or portable data centers – are a highly efficient solution when traditional building space for setting up an IT room is unavailable or when immediate relocation could become necessary.

Since 2012, Tema Energy has been a pioneer in delivering mobile and modular data centers in Romania.

Our company operates a production unit dedicated to data centers and portable technology solutions. This facility allows us to equip each custom-built container with all necessary installation (electrical, mechanical, low voltage, and networking) and infrastructure equipment (UPS systems, batteries, air conditioning units – indoor and condensers/ chillers), racks, cold/ hot aisles, physical security systems, fire suppression inert gas cylinders, fire detection, fiber runner, DCIM, generators, fuel tanks, and PDUs).

Mobile data centers are capable of incorporating the same innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions as traditional data centers (high density racks, ultra-efficient climate control, advanced fire/burglary/earthquake security systems, Li-Ion batteries, and more).

Strategic advantages of a Mobile Data Center:

“We are proud to confirm our successful partnership with Tema Energy in the Mobile Data Center project, which embodied complete infrastructure, including networking, structured cabling, and implementation services. Tema Energy has shown great commitment during our collaboration, adhering to the standards in the field and ensuring the smooth running of the project”.

Ion Paraschiva, I.G.P.R.

Head of the IT Service