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Micro Data Centers integrate all the essential technologies

Micro Data Centers are the ideal solution for businesses that require limited IT equipment to run applications in close proximity to their „production” areas (offices, factories, warehouses) but lack a suitable space for a dedicated IT room.

Based on the “All-in-one” principle, Micro Data Centers integrate all the essential technologies specific to classic data centers, but within up to one single IT rack: IT infrastructure (servers, switches, routers), as well as related physical & intelligent infrastructure: professional cooling, UPS with batteries, fire detection and suppression, card or fingerprint secure access, video surveillance, and DCIM (monitoring).

Many IoT (Internet of Things) and 5G applications require swift data processing, high availability and minimal latency for the end users. Hyperscale or cloud data centers, usually located far from the users, often fail to provide the necessary speed, thus triggering the development of Edge Computing architectures. These are based on smaller data centers, located much closer to both the users and the sites where the data is generated and used.

Advantages of micro / all in one / edge data centers:

Micro/edge data centers are placed in containers, metal cabinets or traditional buildings, making them not only compact and quick to deploy and install but also relocatable and easily replaceable if necessary.

Our partnership with Tema Energy during the complete setup of our data center in Ploiesti has been very successful, confirming their reputation as a reliable and professional data center integrator. We look forward to pursuing future projects together”.

Ionut-Silviu Fodoca - Termene.ro

General Manager