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Fire protection, or integrated fire detection and extinguishing systems.

One of the domains in which Tema Energy boasts extensive expertise is Fire Protection, encompassing integrated fire detection and suppression systems.

Licensed by the IGSU for the design, installation, and maintenance of fire safety equipment and systems, our team consists of highly qualified and specialized personnel.

We provide and install VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) fire detection systems, which are among the fastest and most efficient fire detection solutions available. VESDA operates by continuously analysing air parameters and instantly detecting the smallest smoke particles, making it ideal for high-value or critical assets and applications: IT centers, safes, banks, warehouses, research centers, archives, warehouses.

In the field of fire protection, our company covers the following types of extinguishing solutions:

Here are some Fire Protection projects successfully developed and delivered by Tema Energy:

Fire detection and suppression systems with sprinklers, foam, ACS rooms and a 100 cubic meters water reserve:

design, execution and certification at VdS Germany – Mercedes Benz Sebes and Cugir factories

Turnkey fire detection and suppression system with sprinklers and inert gas

for the Romgaz Iernut Power Plant (Duro Felguera GC)

Detection and inert gas suppression system – Orange/Telekom “Palatul Telefoanelor”

technical rooms, data centers

More than 100 special containers

transport, telecommunications, PSS, railway

“Star Transmission appreciates Tema Energy’s expertise in designing and installing the fire detection and suppression systems and for obtaining the VdS accreditation. We are fully satisfied with our collaboration and confidently recommend Tema Energy’s services to any interested company”.

Adrian Gherasin - STA  Mercedes Benz Sebes

Technical Services Manager