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Tema Energy’s Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solutions

There is a rising demand for large-scale storage systems, of tens or hundreds of MW, for renewable energy applications, backup and on-grid/off-grid power supply systems, Black start, compensation power grid systems and others.

Tema Energy’s BESS solutions are installed in specially designed, air-conditioned containers, in dedicated buildings or metal halls.

The battery containers are 100% custom designed to meet the needs of each and every customer, depending on power, location, available space and other criteria and they are built to maximize efficiency in terms of installation, operation, maintenance and footprint.

Energy Storage Containers Features:

The BESS containers provided by Tema Energy are fully equipped with all the necessary systems for optimal performance, including BMS, fire detection and suppression, video surveillance, burglary prevention, biometric/card access control, cooling and ventilation.

“The energy storage systems and batteries provided by Tema Energy within our projects are highly regarded by Alstom Romania for their excellent quality”

Horatio Serbanoiu – Alstom

Country Quality Manager