The Power Back-up or Power Supply systems are integrated continuous power supply solutions for large and critical consumers (Industry, Medical, Data Center).

Recommended for environments in which power outages or voltage variations can cause large damage and severe operational disruptions, they are a solution to ensure the stability quality of the critical consumers’ power supply.

The continuous power systems thus provide stability and redundancy to the classical power grid, being particularly useful in environments where power outages are not allowed (ERs, research centers, IT centers, Military applications) or have prolonged and costly effects related to the restarting and damages caused by outages (particularly in factories and industrial / medical centers).

The alternative power systems thus provide a permanent, secure and stable power supply to environments in which any type of power outage, voltage peaks and steep power drops in the grid must be avoided.

Integrated Power Supply Systems consist of the following equipment:

  • UPSs
  • Batteries
  • Diesel generator
  • Electrical installation (for distribution between PSS equipment, as well as for connection to the facility’s classical power supply grid)
  • Professional climate control (ensuring an optimum operating climate for the critical power back-up equipment).

PSS solutions can be installed both within the facility as well as, in the absence of the necessary space, in secure containers, located in the vicinity of the facility.