With over 25 years’ experience in the field and a team of top specialists, Tema Energy is a well renowned supplier of Cooling solutions and systems.

Our company’s portfolio of cooling solutions consists of: high precision close-control profesional cooling, industrial cooling, commercial cooling, chillers, air handling units, ventilation, heat and smoke exhaust systems.

Tema Energy has succesfully delivered over 80 professional cooling turn key projects (close control) for Data Centers, IT Rooms, Telco Rooms as well as technical halls and laboratories.

Tema Energy’s partners in high-precision professional cooling solutions are the international Leaders in this domain: Vertiv, APC by Schneider Electric and Rittal.

Our cooling portfolio includes water based cooling systems for office buildings, industrial and warehouses. Carrier – worldwide leader in HVAC solutions – is our most important partner in industrial/office Chillers and cooling systems.

In terms of Air Treatment systems, we offer a full range of CTA/AHU equipment from ProKlima and Komfovent.

We cover a full suite of services including design, installation, project management, start-up, training, preventive and corrective maintenance, for professional cooling units, ventilation systems and air treatment and filtering.

With over 7 teams of Service technicians, and an Emergency Technical Dispatch available 24/7, Tema Energy can succesfully cover any location in Romania with very good SLA’s for our customers.