Tema Energy is an integrated Data Center solutions provider, with each solution tailored to each company’s needs. Consisting of the three essential steps: consulting and design -> efficient implementation of the systems, utilizing the latest technologies -> equipment operation and maintenance, Tema Energy’s approach ensures a systemic execution of the server room.

Once the IT and communications equipment is installed, you can start your Data Center!Turnkey construction of infrastructure data centers is a central part of our company’s expertise, accumulated over more than 12 years of experience and delivered by departments devoted to each type of systems and installations.In terms of destination and mobility, tere are 2 types of Data Centers: Static and Mobile.

Data Center
Tema Energy is one of the best known Data Center integrators. The turnkey solutions provided by our company are both classic (static) and mobile [...]
Mobile Data Center
A mobile Data Center is a modular, portable, self-contained data center. Mobile Data Centers have become a trend in the data center field in recen [...]
Cooling Systems
With over 25 years' experience in the field and a team of top specialists, Tema Energy is a well renowned supplier of Cooling solutions and systems. [...]
Fire Systems
Under cosntruction [...]
Power Systems
The Power Back-up or Power Supply systems are integrated continuous power supply solutions for large and critical consumers (Industry, Medical, Data C [...]