Mobile Data Center by Tema Energy

Data-Center-Mobil-AEPAs a result of a partnership with Star Storage, one of the best known suppliers of cloud and storage solutions, as well as turnkey IT and Telecom solutions, Tema Energy has supplied in Romania a mobile IT data center.

The data center consists of a lightweight transportable container which houses 4 IT racks with a capacity of up to 20 kW IT. They are cooled by a in-row Emerson Liebert 1 + 1 redundancy solution, while the power back-up solution consists of 2 30 + 30 kVA parallel Riello UPSs, a 70 kVA Aksa Power Generator, VRLA AGM batteries manufactured by First Power.

A complex security system was also implemented: physical security (access control via card, IR IP surveillance camera) and fire protection (VESDA detection system and fire-fighting system using Inergen gas).

A Hot-Aisle duct was fabricated in order to optimize energy consumption. The racks and PDUs were supplied by APC.

Our company provided, at the same time, the installation and power distribution/supply works, at the operating location in Resita, Caras-Severin County.

The Mobile Data Center was a turnkey project carried out by dedicated Design, Technical and Installation teams.

The Tema Energy Company has 10 years of experience in the field of both conventional and mobile integrated Data Center execution. Our clients in this area include: GTS, Star Transmission – Daimler, Appnor MSP, UPC, Star Storage, Ministry of Justice, Wipro or M247. Tema Energy is presently the only Data Center integrator with ATS certification – Uptime Institute, United States of America.